Balancing Products

Problem Skin Balancing Cleanser
A soothing, softening, exfoliating, non-drying, anti-inflammatory, botanical cleanser. (8 fl oz)
Price: $32.00
Problem Skin Balancing Toner
Completes the cleansing process. Rinses debris from the skin while helping to control bacteria. Balancing Toner encourages the growth of good flora. (8 fl oz)
Price: $30.00
Natural Comfort Soothing Skin Lotion
This soothing lotion has a triple purpose. It is used as a moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, and is non-irritating. A necessary third step in the treatment of advanced blemishing. (4 fl oz)
Price: $40.00
Blemish Control
Mild softening and soothing botanical gel that contains the benefits of chamomile to reduce inflammation and purify troubled skin. This non-drying formula disolves debris from clogged pores. The fourth step in the Balancing System. (1 fl oz)
Price: $20.00

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