How long has it been since you heard the words, “You have Beautiful skin” or “Your skin looks ageless!” Do you accept that it is because of age? Maybe your moisturizers, serums and even your occasional facials do not produce the long term results you expect. Do your creams sit on the surface of your skin and you think they are just too rich for you? Lastly, how about that foundation and blush fading a few hours after you apply it?  Chances are there is a simple solution to All of these concerns.

Doctors, facialists, skin care experts all over the world are encouraging women and men to faithfully, daily mask skin. Removing the calloused, toxic, surface, excess dead cells each and every day exposes a clear, refined, youthful appearing skin. Lazy skin is a result of our lifestyle, health, medications and lack of correct information about the impact daily, gentle exfoliation has on the appearance of lines, large pores and the ability of skin to absorb and retain moisture. Oh Yes, Your makeup color and coverage lasts hours longer!

So, How About it? Are you willing each morning to first thing out of bed blend a Premiere mask over your face and neck, go about your morning chores, coffee, kid’s lunches, taking a shower and in Ten Minutes RINSE THE MASK OFF! Continue with your normal skin care routine.
When do you see Results? Right after the first time you use your mask. That’s right! The first time you use a Premiere Collection Skin Mask you see the appearance of smaller pores, fewer lines, radiant skin and a skin texture smooth as glass.
Which Mask you ask?
If your skin feels or looks dry use Revitalizing Moisture Mask, rich with moisture and brimming with skin strengthening peptides.

Sensitive and inflamed broken capillaries dehydrated skin, Moisture Mask Gelee. Rich in Aloe, Vitamins and a complex of gentle moisture retentive ingredients to moisturize, cleanse and soothe the surface of your skin.

Congested, thick, once oily skin, currently oily skin or skin that because of Illness, medications or your gene pool needs to come back to life, you should use Purifying Mask. A gentle, non-drying mask to decongest and clarify as it cleanses the skin.

ALL three of the Premiere masks Cleanse, Exfoliate excess damaged, discolored dead cells. Cells that appear as fine lines, make pores appear larger than they are and cells that take good skin care product and keep it from benefiting your skin.

[Choose your Morning Mask, No Pre Cleansing apply your Premiere Mask first thing out of bed. 10 minutes and rinse. If you have the mask on longer than 10 minutes No Problem. Its work is complete in 10 minutes]

Hard to Choose your perfect Premiere mask? Check with the Premiere Derma Tech and start every morning with THE MOST IMPORTANT Product you can use to have a healthy, young, smooth, well-nourished radiant appearing skin. ! Then, be prepared for the compliment, “You have Beautiful skin!”

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