age defying system…or for my existing clients, annual elogen special

The elogen system is an age defying system designed to address the major cause of skin cells aging. This includes:

  • loss of elasticity
  • loss of moisture
  • loss of collagen

combined with chronic inflammation

step 1: alphagen- a firming cleansing mask contains a scientific discovery- an amino acid which has been proven to break down and remove mineral deposits from between the cells.

step 2: celegen – high concentrations of vitamin c are used to help skin cells in the production of collagen- the “glue” that holds skin together.

step 3: hydragen- loaded with raw materials needed to produce hyaluronic acid (HA) plus two nutrients which have been shown to greatly increase the amount of HA in the skin.

BTW…HA is moisture , think of your skin as a sponge…the more HA the fuller it is
OK here’s the best part…

normally this system retails for $146.00

Fall Special is $99 through the month of October.

Contact me to purchase or for more details.

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